'The Party Royal'

The Party Royal

'The Party Royal' is a LGBT Non-profit organisation social network which works for equality for all Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) people throughout the United Kingdom,  The LGBT Commonwealth and LGBT India.


We fully support our LGBT parliament 'Stonewall' and all the campaigns they are fighting for, to make this a more fairer equal world for all of us. Tackling Homophobia in Universities, Schools and Colleges, Equality within the work place, and the justice system, including the Love without borders campaign and of course same sex marriage.


We also regard Mr Peter Tatchell as our LGBT Prime Minister, and 'Stonewall' as Her Imperial LGBT Majesty Queen Alexandra of The United Kingdom & The LGBT Commonwealth's government ministers.


We also stand against any offical body who denies any basic human rights to all LGBT people.


'The Party Royal' with Her Imperial LGBT Majesty Queen Alexandra, will be attending as many Pride parades and rallys throughout the kingdom and commonwealth, for ten years, from July 2012 to show our Royal support, mixing Gay camp pride with pomp and ceremony to bring back to life the best of British!


We have social network pages on Facebook & Twitter as well as this website.

In supporting us, we can support you!

Portrait Picture The Gay Flag

Her Imperial Majesty Queen Alexandra in 1902

Pink Union Flag Crown Insignia The Imperial Crown Alexandras Coat of arms Alexandra's Sheild Coat of Arms of United Kingdom

Queen Alexandra's Royal standard Shield

The United Kingdom Coat of Arms

Queen Alexandra's Royal Standard

'Ut omnes stabunt simul '

'We all stand together as one'

Pride Support Stamp

London in Pride Logo

'The Party Royal' needs donations to help pay for expenses for 'The Party Royal' to continue to attend LGBT Pride events throughout the United Kingdom.

Please give whatever you can to help our work continue.

'The Party Royal' is also looking for sponsorships.

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