'The Party Royal'

Our History

'The Party Royal' was founded in 2010 by Baron Stephen Stephenson-Spencer . He has attended London Pride parades since 1993, including for the first time at Brighton Pride in 2010.


In July 2008, Stephen attended London Pride, where he was Miss Anna Leonowens from 'The King & I' film, and travelled from the Isle of Wight to London on public transport IN COSTUME! Fulfilling a long term promise to a friend who died of AIDS in 1994.


In June 2009, Stephen reached 40, and decided that rather turning up in different costumes every year, there should be a universal theme.

He came up with the idea 'Old Queens', the most famous, most loved and respected in British history, and from then on, 'The Party Royal' was founded. So Stephen started designing costumes and found a costume maker to bring them to life.


In July 2010, Stephen went to London EuroPride Parade as Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth I, accompanied by his friend and Lady-in-waiting Karen Budden. Then later in August they attended Brighton Pride for the first time also as Queen Elizabeth I.


In July 2012, Her Imperial LGBT Majesty Queen Alexandra for the first time attended  London WorldPride parade accompanied by The Dowager Empress Dagmar of Russia, (Karen Budden). In the evening they attended after parade parties throughout London.


In June 2013 Her Imperial LGBT Majesty Queen Alexandra left St James's Palace at 10.00am and walked down The Mall to Buckingham Palace, to pay homage To Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II at Green Park Gate. Afterwards, H.I.M. left to walk up Constitution Hill through Hyde Park and join London Pride parade in Baker Street. In the afternoon  Her Imperial Majesty attended parties throughout London to help celebrate!


In July 2014, Her Imperial LGBT Majesty, Queen Alexandra paid homage (as usual) to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, outside Buckingham Palace at Green Park Gate, 10.00am. Then attended London Pride parade at 1.30pm. As H.I.M. was getting married in October, Her Imperial Majesty will be attending London Pride in her wedding dress to share the happy news with her LGBTI people & loyal subjects!


In June 2015 Her Imperial Majesty Queen Alexandra took part in her 21st London Pride parade! The weather and crowds were fantastic and broke all records. Hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world came to celebrate and join in soldarity for LGBT equality. All the flags from every Commonwelath country took part in the parade


In July 2018 Her Imperial Majesty Queen Alexandra celebrates her Silver Jubilee! 25 years of supporting and fighting for LGBT rights throughout The United Kingdom, The Commonwealth and India. Hundreds of thousands are going to be celebrating with Her Imperial Majesty on everything that we have achieved and everything that is still to be done. #LoveIsLove  

Miss Anna arriving at Baker Street with my people

Miss Anna Leonowens

at London Pride


Her Majesty  Queen Elizabeth I

at London EuroPride


Her Imperial LGBT Majesty  Queen Alexandra (left) with Her Imperial LGBT Majesty The Dowager Empress of Russia at

London WorldPride


Crown Insignia The Imperial Crown 9186510418_89958196de_z

Her Imperial LGBT Majesty Queen Alexandra attends London Pride parade in June 2013

Her Imperial Majesty

Her Imperial Majesty, Queen Alexandra of

The LGBTI United Kingdom &

The LGBTI  Commonwealth, Empress of LGBTI India during London Pride 2013.

London WorldPride 2012 035 343px-Royal_Arms_of_the_United_Kingdom_(Privy_Coun 475px-Arms_of_the_Most_Noble_Order_of_the_Garter.s 10508298_883751828305281_1039781938_n

Her Imperial Majesty, Queen Alexandra of

The LGBTI United Kingdom &

The LGBTI  Commonwealth, Empress of LGBTI India

at London Pride 2014.

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