'The Party Royal'

Her Imperial Majesty, Queen Alexandra

of The LGBTI United Kingdom,

The LGBTI  Commonwealth,

& Empress of LGBTI India

"You can never be anything other than what you are. If you are a big old drag Queen, that is what you must be. If you are a Diva that is what you are. If you are all man or all woman, GO WITH IT. Because this is YOUR LIFE, no one else’s, because NO ONE can tell you how to live darlings!"

The Imperial Crown Crown Insignia

"I have made a vow to you all my darlings, to devote my whole life, no matter how long or short, to the service of my people. I am here whenever you need me. You are not alone my darlings. BE PROUD of who and what you are and NEVER let anyone take that light from you.

May God bless and keep you all safe my darlings."


-Alexandra R I

I have always been asked why 'The Party Royal' and why Queen Alexandra?

Well my darlings, our Royal family represents continuity, stability, and the very best of British. In the LGBT community, there are as many diversities in our LGBT community as there are colours of the rainbow; hence our 'Royal Standard' is our Rainbow flag!

Queen Alexandra represents a 'beacon' if you like, to help glue everyone, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender together as one. To have pride in ourselves and each other. -Her Imperial Majesty Queen Alexandra of The LGBT United Kingdom and The LGBT Commonwealth, Empress of LGBT India.

We chose 'Queen Alexandra', because her name-sake was gracious, elegant and was dearly loved in her time by the people. Also she knew how to dress to impress, -wearing all her jewels at once! The campiest, well loved, devoted Imperial old Queen we have ever had from an age where Britain ruled the waves!

We were also advised by the Royal court, that it was considered 'impolite' to imitate or emulate a member of the British Royal family 'within living memory'.

So as our Queen is 90 years old, out of deepest respect, we chose Queen Alexandra because Her Majesty never knew her, dying a year before she was born in 1925.

'The Party Royal's motto is: 'Ut omnes stabunt simul 'We All Stand Together as one'.


Stephen Stephenson-Spencer

CEO & founder

'The Party Royal'

'I am called The LGBTI Queen/Empress...


I have no master.


I am mother to my people.

God give me the strength to bear this mighty freedom.

I am your Queen....

I am myself.'


-Her Imperial Majesty Queen Alexandra of The LGBTI United Kingdom & The LGBTI Commonwealth, Empress of LGBTI India,

Defender of the faith.

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