'The Party Royal'




SATURDAY 8th July 2017.


'London Pride parade 2017' was held on Saturday 8th July 2017.

It began at Portland Place, by the BBC broadcasting House with particpants met up in the assembly area at 12.00 noon and the parade began a little after 1.30pm. It proceeded along Regent Street towards Trafalgar Square, and ended at Whitehall.

The parade was attended by over 26,000 people from all over the United Kingdom, The Commonwealth and worldwide. We all joined to celebrate and fight for countries that need LGBT liberation from opression.

The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan led the way with the Rainbow flaf supported by all the flag bearers from every Commonwealth country. There were many religious groups, Sihks, Muslims, Christians, Mormans, Jews, atheists, humanists and spiritualists.

This year's theme was #LoveHappensHere and it was, it really was. There were young and old, rich & poor, every race of humanity together as one.

This year was Her Imperial Majesty Queen Alexandra's 24th London Pride. Her Imperial Majesty was accompanied for the first time in LGBT history by His Majesty King Robert IV of Scotland and Caledonia, and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth III.

Hundreds of thousands of people lined the streets of London to support and celebrate LGBT life and battles won. But there are many more battles to fight until the LGBT community is completely equal in law.

Next year will be Her Imperial Majesty Queen Alexandra's 25th Silver Jubilee year! 25 years of fighting & supporting LGBT rights within the United Kingdom & Commonwealth.

The Imperial Crown Crown Insignia


London Pride Logo The Imperial Crown Pride-in-London-full-logo-colour The Gay Flag Pink Union Flag

Her Imperial Majesty Queen Alexandra also attended the Isle of Wight 1st EVER Pride on Saturday 15th July 2017!